Life as Ertegun Alumni


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The Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme promotes curiosity and interdisciplinary thinking, removing intellectual and national barriers in order to bring the world together. Our steadily growing alumni community bears eloquent testament to the success of this mission.

Ertegun Alumni are now distributed around the world, pursuing both academic and wider careers.  Of the seventy scholars who joined the Programme for a Master’s degree, twenty-seven have continued into funded doctoral programmes across the USA; seventeen have continued their studies at Oxford; and eight more are studying elsewhere in Britain and Europe.  Two of the Programme's doctoral Scholars already hold Assistant Professorships, at Yale and at the University of South California, while others are in post-doctoral research positions at Cambridge University, the University of Oxford and the University of Chicago.

By encouraging innovative thinking, the Programme promotes success in all fields, not just the academic, and other Ertegun Alumni are already pursuing a wide range of different career paths: in the financial sector, cybersecurity, local business, broadcasting, the charitable sector, teaching, and government service, both in London and in Paris. As the number of Alumni grows, the areas of the globe and the fields of activity touched by the Ertegun mission will steadily increase.