Ertegun House

Ertegun House provides the Ertegun Scholarship Programme with a high-profile presence at Oxford, serving as a resource for Ertegun Scholars and for visitors from around the world who will come to Oxford to participate in a programme of events arranged by the Director. The Director also acts as a mentor and advisor to the Scholars.

Ertegun House is located on one of the most important streets in Oxford, within easy walking distance of the centre of the city and the heart of the academic community. This large historic building, constructed in 1808, provides the academic base for the Ertegun Scholarship Programme.

The building is an example of Georgian architecture at its best, providing light and airy accommodation, including an office for the Director and excellent study and research space for the Scholars each of whom have their own desk for study in Ertegun House. Through its vibrant events programme, which will include master classes, seminars and performances, students will have the opportunity to meet on a regular basis and to feel part of a community of Ertegun Scholars.

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