Where are they now?

group photo with mrs ertegun
60 Alumni are now based in 6 countries (UK, USA, Germany, France, Turkey and South Africa)
43 Alumni are pursuing doctoral studies
  • 26 in the USA (Chicago, Cornell, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Michigan-Ann Arbor, New York, Notre Dame, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Stanford, Yale)
  • 12 at Oxford
  • 3 at other UK Universities (King’s College London, Liverpool, Sheffield)
  • 2 in Germany (Berlin, Munich)
4 Alumni have continued in academia
  • 2 Assistant Professors (Harvard, University of South California)
  • 2 post-doctoral research (Cambridge, Koç Üniversitesi)
13 Alumni are pursing careers outside of academia, including in the following professions:
  • Civil Servant (UK, France)
  • Financial analyst (UK)
  • Cybersecurity expert (UK)
  • Business owner (UK)
  • Classics teacher (UK)
  • Associate Client Relationship Manager, Christies (USA)
  • Housing Association charity (UK)
  • Broadcasting (Germany)


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