Samuel Shearn (UK)

Life After Ertegun House

Upon graduation from the MPhil with Distinction, I was accepted onto the DPhil in Theology at Worcester College for a two-year AHRC Scholarship, and was Alumnus in residence at Ertegun House for those two years. The DPhil project is an intellectual and theological biography of theologian Paul Tillich’s time as a student, young pastor, and army chaplain in the First World War, with special reference to his earliest sermons. I analyse Tillich’s sermons against the background of his biography, intellectual development, and Germany’s cultural and political history, with the aim of producing a historically interesting, English-language portrait of a German army chaplain that contributes to our understanding of theology, piety and politics at the beginning of the 20th Century. The working title is “Pastor Tillich: The Justification of the Doubter".

When my AHRC funding ran out, I moved to Marburg, Germany to continue my DPhil research. While in Germany, I have spent some time working part-time as a pastor alongside my studies. However, I am now employed as a researcher (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) at the University of Rostock where I teach Systematic Theology to future teachers and pastors.