Jordan Maly-Preuss (Czech Republic-USA)

Life after Ertegun House

I am currently a Classics Faculty/Stonehouse Foundation-funded DPhil student in Classical Languages and Literature, examining the suitability of the ‘traditional referential’ critical approach for understanding Archaic Greek epic (such as Homer and Hesiod) by testing the same method on much later Greek epic (such as the Posthomerica of Quintus Smyrnaeus). I am also a practising novelist and poet, beginning to explore the paths that lead to publication.

The Ertegun Scholarship is, and will always be, a tremendous blessing in my life. I would not have come to Oxford without it: I aspired to study Classics at Oxford since childhood, and often thought my road had taken too sharp a detour for it ever to happen. But I made it and gained a master’s degree (and found an Oxonian husband). Mica Ertegun’s commitment to the arts and humanities has made that possible; I could not but be grateful.