Frazer MacDiarmid (New Zealand)

Life After Ertegun House

After completing my MSt in 2017, I am currently working towards a doctorate in patristic theology here in Oxford. The interdisciplinary formation I received during my Ertegun experience has continued to shape my study, which interrogates the early 2nd century bishop of Antioch, Ignatius, through the use of 'collective memory' - a generative and sometimes provocative lens which has not yet received the same attention in the field of theology which it has enjoyed in those of history and sociology. 

As is becoming clear throughout the growing body of Ertegun alumni, the advantage conferred upon one by Ertegun House does not end at graduation. For me, this is particularly true because, as I am continuing my study at Oxford, I have been given desk space at the House, and access to the exclusive facilities and seminars within it. It is terrific to see the new generation of Ertegun Scholars flourish in such an intellectually and socially fertile environment.

Since one never really stops being a member of Ertegun House, I'd be pleased to hear from current or prospective scholars, and to be part of the exciting, constantly-developing project that is the Ertegun Scholarship Programme.