Emily Cox (USA)

Life After Ertegun House

I am now a first year PhD student in Yale’s History of Art Department. My research focuses on the radical political and aesthetic currents that ran between England, France, and Russia in the fin-de-siècle. My work is both interdisciplinary and transnational, spanning the philosophy, literature, and visual arts of these three major nineteenth-century European powers. Current projects include the evolution of anarchist geography, the politics of domestic utopias, and the materiality of the fin-de-siècle night.

My time as an Ertegun Scholar was absolutely invaluable for my intellectual development. Never again, I suspect, will I be in a house full of such brilliant thinkers who are so very willing to share both their intellectual expertise and their friendship. I look forward to continuing my involvement with the Ertegun community as an organizer of the USA East Coast Alumni Program.