Oxford Alumni Community

The University also offers the Oxford Alumni Community – an online site similar to LinkedIn and Facebook that allows you to professionally network with those in a similar field of work, to reconnect with alumni from your graduation year as well as look for jobs aimed at the academic community.  It’s very simple to join up – just register at: https://oxfordalumnicommunity.org/home. You can then import your profile from LinkedIn or Facebook and start connecting with fellow alumni. Unlike other social media groups, this is the only site that verifies all members – therefore you can be sure that all of those you network with are guaranteed Oxford University Alumni. Users can clearly indicate their fields of work and whether they are willing to mentor other alumni.

One thing we ask all Ertegun Alumni to do on this site is to continue to build a strong Ertegun Alumni Network – just by adding ‘Ertegun Scholar’ to your profile’s ‘education’ or ‘societies’ section you make yourself identifiable to other Scholars across the world and, vitally, keep the Ertegun Community alive across year groups, subjects and countries!

The University runs a 'Meeting Minds' Alumni Weekend each year in Oxford. In 2019, events are also planned to take place in Tokyo and there will be a series of receptions in North America to which Ertegun alumni are warmly encouraged to participate.