Variation and contact in the Ancient Indo-European languages



Variation and Contact in the Ancient Indo-European languages: between Linguistics and Philology

Variazione e contatto nelle lingue indoeuropee antiche: fra linguistica e filologia

Joint Colloquia in Indo-European Linguistics


Pisa, 19-20 April 2018

Oxford, 17-18 May 2018


Hosted by the universities of Pisa and Oxford, these joint colloquia will bring together international experts to discuss contact, variation and change in the ancient Indo-European languages. The conferences will feature invited keynote speakers, papers selected through a Call for Papers and a poster session. Contributions in any areas of research on Indo-European languages will be welcome, and an interdisciplinary approach will be preferred.


Deadline for abstract submission: December 20th

Registration will open soon



Download here the Call for Papers

CFP (Eng)                   CFP (Ita)


Invited speakers (Pisa conference):

Peter Barber (Oxford)

Patrizia Bologna (Università di Milano)

Michela Cennamo (Napoli Federico II)

Carlo Consani (Chieti-Pescara)

Paola Cotticelli (Verona)

Pietro U. Dini (Pisa)

Franco Fanciullo (Pisa)

Brian Joseph (Ohio State)

Aditi Lahiri (Oxford)

Romano Lazzeroni (Pisa)

Marco Mancini (Roma “La Sapienza”)

Paolo Poccetti (Roma “Tor Vergata”)

Adriano Rossi (Napoli "L'Orientale")

Elizabeth Tucker (Oxford)


Invited Speakers (Oxford Conference):

James Clackson (Cambridge)

Stephen Colvin (UCL)

Wolfgang De Melo (Oxford)

Federico Giusfredi (Verona)

Joshua Katz (Princeton)

John Lowe (Oxford)

Giovanna Marotta (Pisa)

Domenica Romagno (Pisa)

Francesco Rovai (Pisa)

Lucien Van Beek (Leiden)

Mark Weeden (SOAS London)


This event is made possible thanks to the support of:

  •  The University of Pisa, the Department, and the PhD Program in Philology, Literature and Linguistics of the University of Pisa.
  •  The Ertegun Scholarship Programme, St Hilda’s College, and the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics of the University of Oxford.

Organising committee: Michele Bianconi (Oxford), Marta Capano (Napoli L'Orientale), Kerstin Hoge (Oxford), Domenica Romagno (Pisa), Francesco Rovai (Pisa), and Elizabeth Tucker (Oxford).

Scientific committee: Michele Bianconi (Oxford), Marta Capano (Napoli L'Orientale), Domenica Romagno (Pisa), Francesco Rovai (Pisa), Elizabeth Tucker (Oxford), and Andreas Willi (Oxford).

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