Words/Works/Walls: Conceptual Architectures in Visual Culture



Walls withstand, divide, and shape. This conference probes the discourse surrounding the physical wall, one that takes its architectural features as metaphor for the wall’s underlying, conceptual structures. How is viewership structured by walls (perceived or physical) and constructed by art historical tradition as much as museum practice? How can new theories, or the revitalization of older ones, enable us to learn about a wall as an artwork, and how can this inform our modes of art historical understanding that structure methodological practices? Can consideration of theoretical space in visual culture tell us about the way in which “wall” as a concept has grown in various socio-political landscapes? This conference will consider walls as barriers, as modes of presentation, as frameworks for understanding, and as key components of global visual culture.


Mary Carruthers- Remarque Professor Emeritus of Literature, New York University, and Fellow at All Souls College, University of Oxford
Leo Schmidt- Chair of Architectural Conservation, Brandenburg University of Technology
Leslie Topp- Head of Department of History of Art, Birkbeck, University of London
Bruce Boucher- Director of Sir John Soane's Museum
Anthony Geraghty- Professor of History of Art, York University, and Chairman of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain
Do Ho Suh- Visual Artist


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