Knowledge, Belief, Evidence

The Knowledge, Belief, Evidence conference brings together leading researchers from around the world to share their work on these central epistemological notions.

Among other topics, this conference is about:
- the nature of knowledge, belief, evidence and related epistemological notions
- new frameworks for understanding them
- how they relate to one another
- the epistemic norms concerned with them
- methodological questions about epistemology more generally

Our list of speakers currently includes Rachel Fraser (Cambridge), Daniel Greco (Yale), Maria Lasonen-Aarnio (Michigan), Hannes Leitgeb (LMU Munich), Anna Mahtani (LSE), Sherrilyn Roush (King's/UCLA), Miriam Schoenfield (MIT), Scott Sturgeon (Birmingham), Roger White (MIT) and Tim Williamson (Oxford).

The conference fee is intended to cover the cost of lunch, coffee breaks, and wine receptions. With the support of The Analysis Trust we have limited funding available to subsidise both the conference fee and cost of accommodation for non-Oxford philosophy graduate students. With the support of the Mind Association we have limited funding to subsidise the cost of childcare during the conference. If you are interested in either form of support, please email Matthew Hewson or Weng Kin San as soon as possible.

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