Interrogating the Art-Science Relationship

How do the arts and sciences interact in the twenty-first century, and what might they learn from one another? Interrogating the Art-Science Relationship brings together artists, scientists, and those who are both to explore contemporary issues in art-science discourse. We will ask: how might artists and scientists draw from each other’s fields, or collaborate to employ elements of both? What are the implications of this exchange for art, research methodology, and teaching? Three panels will address these questions from diverse vantage points: the relationship between neuroscience and the visual arts, BioArt and bioimaging, and using the arts in science communication. Collectively, we will consider what this interdisciplinarity might mean for art, science, and culture at large in our world today.


Doors open at 10:15

Panel 1: Visual Arts and Neuroscience, 11.00-12.30 

Panel 2: BioArt and Bioimaging, 13.30-15.00

Panel 3: Art as Science Communication, 15:30-17.00


To register for this event please follow this link.