The Great Ertegun Quiz: Spring Edition

The end of term quiz shines as a beacon of chaos in the Ertegun calendar. An opportunity for us to enjoy a drink with each other over zoom, we completely disregarded the Ertegun values of scholarship, fellowship and camaraderie in favour of unbridled competitiveness. There was fun to be had for all, but prizes were reserved for a select few blessed with superior general knowledge. There are those who would argue that some of the winners were a result of a well-timed streak of lucky guesses, but to that I must simply turn to the immortal wisdom of Socrates, who said that, “slander becomes the tools of the loser”, and of course was well-known to later have added, “Wilmien definitely deserved third place, so there, stick that in your pipe and smoke it”. It is also tradition to choose a screen name, for which there is a democratically selected winner. This term, the cash tip of £20 went to Kathleen with ‘Distinction Rebellion’, with an honorary mention to Erin aka ‘Gervase in a Wig’, which would have won the prize if Erin had not also greedily secured 2nd place overall. The first prize of course went to Lena who wiped out the competition with a score of  2,117. I’m not bitter about this, I’m very happy for her.

Wilmien Janse Van Rensburg