Giving What We Can


Giving What We Can: Oxford presents Rob Mather, founder of the Against Malaria Foundation

On Monday 2nd November, I was very pleased to host this event at Ertegun House, with my colleagues in the Oxford chapter of ‘Giving What We Can’, the Effective Altruist meta-charity which researches the effectiveness of charities in the improvement of global welfare, and encourages members to pledge significant proportions of their income to the recommended organisations.

One of these, and currently the most highly recommended effective charity, is the Against Malaria Foundation, whose founder, Rob Mather, gave a highly informative and compelling talk to a room overflowing with those eager to increase their capacity to alleviate suffering in the developing world.

Mr. Mather outlined the rigorous use of data, and attention to transparency and accountability, which have made the comparatively small AMF such a successful charity, providing inexpensive, long-lasting mosquito nets to those most vulnerable to malaria (with their largest distribution taking place in Malawi).

The speaker generously shared his time to answer questions and continue discussion until long after the advertised hour. The next ‘Giving What We Can’ evening at Ertegun House takes place on Monday 9th November – every attendee will be given £10 to donate to their choice between Give Directly and AMF.

Jake Gill