Ertegun Staff and Scholar Profiles

Trevor Teitel

BPhil Philosophy | 2015 Graduate

At Oxford I took the B.Phil. (a 2 year masters degree) in philosophy. Before coming to Oxford, I did a B.A. in philosophy at the University of Toronto. I'm currently pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy at New York University.

My main research interests are in metaphysics, philosophy of science, and philosophy of physics, though a lot of the questions that I'm interested in quickly get tangled up with issues in epistemology, logic philosophy of probability and decision theory, as well as the philosophies of language and mind. In my thesis at Oxford I tried to develop a tenable version of conventionalism about metaphysical modality, and also argue against some competing views.

I had a very positive experience at Oxford, due in large part to the Ertegun scholarship. In addition to the generous funding, the scholarship gave me access to a beautiful office, extremely caring staff, and an active community of like-minded students. In the second year of my degree I was able to organize a two-day conference on verbal disputes at Ertegun house, which wouldn't have been possible without the Ertegun program's support. I'm so grateful to Mica and Ahmet Ertegun and to everyone else involved with the Ertegun scholarship for the incredible opportunity - thank you!