Ertegun Staff and Scholar Profiles

Leah Bernardo-Ciddio

MPhil Classical Archaeology | 2015 Graduate

After completing my BA in Classical Studies and History at York University in Toronto, Canada, I decided to continue my studies at the postgraduate level by pursuing the interest in Roman and pre-Roman archaeology I had developed as an undergraduate. I thus came to Oxford to complete an MPhil in Classical Archaeology. My primary research interests include the planning and architecture of Roman cities in Italy to the Late Republican Period, and the settlement patterns and variations in the urban form amongst non-Roman populations in Central and Southern Italy. My MPhil thesis was a comparative exploration of settlement changes in the landscapes around Venosa and Metaponto throughout the last four centuries before the common era.

 I am enormously grateful to Mica and to the Ertegun Programme for the opportunity that was given to me to come to Oxford. Not only was I able to pursue my studies at a world-class university with unparalleled resources available to me, but I did so amongst other Ertegun Scholars from a variety of academic backgrounds, from whose own work and activities at the Ertegun House I learned so many new things.

As of September 2016 I am a PhD pre-candidate in the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.