Ertegun Staff and Scholar Profiles

Kevin Tobia

BPhil Philosophy | 2014 Graduate

At Oxford I studied for the BPhil in Philosophy. Before coming to Oxford, I lived and studied in New Jersey. I graduated in 2012 from Rutgers University  majoring in Philosophy, Mathematics, and Cognitive Science.

I greatly enjoyed my time at Oxford. The Ertegun House and Scholarship provided not only funding for my studies, but also an investment in my interests and goals; for instance, the Ertegun supported a one-day research exchange on Neuroethics (between University of Oxford and University of Tokyo), and later an interdisciplinary conference on "Experiments and Ethics".  I am so thankful for this tremendous opportunity provided to me by Ahmet and Mica Ertegun and those many others who helped develop the Ertegun Programme.

I continue to research topics in law, ethics, and cognitive science. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy and JD in Law at Yale University.

For more information, including research and papers please see my personal website.