Ertegun Staff and Scholar Profiles

Joe Snape

MPhil Music | 2014 Graduate

Trained as a classical percussionist, I grew up rummaging in record shops, self-releasing hand-painted CDs, and peeling PVA glue from my fingers. Since then, I’ve performed and written music in quite a few places around the world, most recently London, Rotterdam and Berlin, and Morelia, Mexico. I tend to make pieces that involve computers, and along the way I’ve had the chance to work with some very good people.

During my music degree at Cambridge, I became particularly interested in thinking and writing about the ways in which we listen to music and sound, and in the things that this listening may do for or mean to us that we don’t already acknowledge. At Oxford, I’ll pursue this work as far and as freshly as possible, revelling in the gaps and overlaps between contemporary music, theories of repetition and ideas about cultural trauma.

Oxford in its own right is an incredible place to study, but the chance to undertake this learning inside a tight-knit community encouraged and supported to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and plumb the depths of our own and each others’ work is a dream. I expected a lot when I arrived, and it has proven to be more than I could have dared hope.