Ertegun Staff and Scholar Profiles

Hugh Jeffery

MSt in Classical Archaeology | 2015 Graduate

I graduated in 2014 with a BA in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History. Over the course of my undergraduate studies I engaged with a wide range of disciplines, from the archetypal Caesar/Pompey regions of traditional ancient history to recent developments in archaeological science and theories of material culture. Perhaps the greatest strength of archaeology as a field is that it is so difficult to define. There is almost no discipline within the Humanities that cannot usefully contribute to our interpretation of the material record of the past, a record that is both ubiquitous and inescapable in that it comprises every artefact and artificially modified environment in existence.

This year I am studying for the MSt. in Classical Archaeology, concentrating on the Byzantine Empire in the period c. AD 600-1100 with a specific focus on western Asia Minor. Though this should be much more chronologically and geographically coherent than my undergraduate studies I will be hoping to maintain the holistic methodological approach of the CAAH degree.

I am currently working on material from Aphrodisias in southwest Turkey, attempting to reconstruct the development of a cemetery surrounding a medieval church.