Ertegun Staff and Scholar Profiles

Evelyn Richardson

MSt in Greek and/ or Latin Languages and Literature | 2015 Graduate

In my year as an Ertegun Scholar I completed the MSt in Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature under the supervision of Prof. Fiona Macintosh. The focus of my research was on modern Arabic engagements with Greco-Roman literature and culture. I wrote a dissertation on the first translation of Homer’s Iliad into Arabic; it was entitled ‘Situating al-Bustānī’s Iliad in Arabic cultural history’. I am now a PhD student in Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago, where I am continuing in the same general line of research.

It was a great honour and privilege to be part of the Ertegun Scholarship Programme. In my experience, Ertegun House is a wonderful place for graduate studies, with incredible facilities, supportive staff, and a real spirit of community.


Gibbs Prize in Latin Literature 2012 (Oxford University);

R A Knox Senior Memorial Prize 2012 (Trinity College, Oxford);

Chancellor’s Latin Verse Prize 2011 (Oxford University);

Richard Hillary Creative Writing Prize 2011 (Trinity College, Oxford);

2nd de Paravicini Prize 2009 (Oxford University).