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Portrait photo of Charles Draper

Charles Draper

MPhil Egyptology | 2014 Graduate

My research at Oxford focussed on the movement of people and ideas in the Ancient Near East in the aftermath of violent conflict. I completed an MPhil in Oriental Studies (Egyptology), assessing evidence for migration, deportation, and resettlement from Egypt to Assyria during the eleventh to seventh centuries BCE, and charting the appearance of an 'Assyro-Egyptian' diaspora in Mesopotamia.

I subsequently spent three months in Berlin as a Scatcherd Scholar and worked as a doctoral fellow at the Distant Worlds Graduate School in Munich, where I became fascinated by technology’s potential to transform understanding of complex data. This encouraged me to pursue computer programming professionally. At the time of writing, I am employed as a software engineer for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, the cybersecurity branch of BAE Systems. 

Ertegun House provided the ideal nexus for my research. Not only is it located within minutes of the Ashmolean Museum, Sackler Library, and Oriental Institute, but its lively community of scholars offered a constant stream of stimulating discussion and debate. I am tremendously grateful to Mica and Ahmet Ertegun for the opportunity to have participated in the programme, to Bryan Ward-Perkins, Anita Ghosh, and Kelly Dixon, and to all those scholars who made my two years ​at Oxford so memorable. As an active member of Ertegun's Alumni Community, I am happy to be contacted by programme members past and present, as well as by prospective applicants.

Academic Publications

  • A Demotic Narrative Ostracon from Abydos, Journal of Ancient Egyptian Archaeology 102, 2017. [link]
  • Two Libyan Names in a seventh-century sale document from Assur, Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections 7:2, 2015. [link]
  • The Egyptian Diaspora in Assyria: a study of the cuneiform evidence, c. 1074–612* BC. Sackler Library, University of Oxford, 2015. 
  • Nicholas Thorne the Younger’s Will, 1591 (palaeographic transcription of TNA PROB 11/78 fo. 80v.), Smugglers’ City Sourcebook (ed. Dr Evan Jones, University of Bristol), 2015. [link]
  • Robert Thorne the Elder’s Will, 1519 (palaeographic transcription of TNA PROB 11/19 fos. 146-7), Smugglers’ City Sourcebook (ed. Dr Evan Jones, University of Bristol), 2015. [link]
  • Papyrus Vandier: dating, context, and political significance, Haddon Library of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, 2012.

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