Ertegun Staff and Scholar Profiles

Annina J. Loets

BPhil in Philosophy | 2016 Graduate

I am a D.Phil candidate in philosophy at Trinity College, Oxford. My research focuses on various issues related to the metaphysics of non-fundamental reality, and the language we use to talk about it. I am particularly interested in constitution puzzles and non-identity arguments, the metaphysics and semantics of qualification, as well as the relation between essence, generics and dispositions. I am also interested in implications of my research for the metaphysics of the social world.

Before starting my D.Phil, funded by The Cecil Lubbock Memorial Scholarship at Trinity College, I received the Ertegun scholarship to read for the B.Phil in Philosophy, at Corpus Christi College. As an Alumna to the Ertegun programme, I remain an active part of the Ertegun community and benefit from its thriving intellectual environment. I am deeply grateful to Mica Ertegun for all her support over the years.